Homemade Ravioli Meal

Over the weekend, Renae and family came over for dinner. Jeff hung poster frames in my movie room. Maybe sometime soon I will reveal that room. I made ordinary shaped ravioli which is rare for me, usually I make fun shapes. You can see a glimpse of this years glorious daffodils in the above photo. I brought some blossoms inside when I deadheaded the patch this week.

Ravioli – I used my favorite pasta dough, filling – Ricotta, Asiago, Parmesan, salt and pepper, (I made and put in freezer), boiled just before serving, served with homemade tomato sauce

Roasted Green Beans

Chocolate Mousse with Raspberries

My critique of the meal: I especially liked the flavor of adding a third cheese to the ravioli filling. While I normally make fun shaped ravioli, using something like this which I had a long time is fun to use. This chocolate mousse recipe is delicious and easy to make. My guests liked that I gave them small spoons to eat the mousse.

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