Daffodil Dumplings

Last fall, I planted 220 daffodils around a River Birch in my front yard. My friend Deborah helped me break the ground. Carol went with me to the garden store. My parents helped me plant. We had a warm winter; the daffodils were poking up from the ground since early February. I was concerned that my daffodils would be blind the first year. Blind daffodils do not bloom. My concern was unfounded. They are fabulous as you can see in the photos below. Many of my neighbors have remarked how beautiful they are.

My gorgeous daffodils are making me so happy! I frequently look out the window at them, talk about them to anyone who will listen, and walk out to the tree to visit. My neighbors probably say to themselves, “She is out visiting her daffodils again!”

Of course, I had to celebrate with a daffodil themed meal. I don’t think that mine look as good as the inspiration but they are attractive and were delicious! I used the recipe for the dough (with turmeric). I made my own filling with finely cut cabbage, snow peas, carrot, fresh ginger, soy sauce, and a little cornstarch.

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