11 Year Blogiversary

Today is my 11 year blogiversary! This is my 1,304th post! The traditional gift for an 11 year anniversary is steel. I decided to serve this simple meal in a metal box.

Container: LunchBots Trio

Left Side: 11 – Raspberries, cottage cheese

Right Side: Years – Carrot cut with a cookie cutter, rice

Bottom: Trader Joes Trail Mix

I continue to enjoy creating content and sharing it here. A few years ago, I started compilation posts to keep together a collection of all my creations in a particular theme. This year I created a Theme Archive page so it is easy to find all of those collected themes. It also encourages me to create more theme collections. I have 11 years of content!

I am happy to have this place that encourages me to continue to create. Thank you for joining me on this long journey.

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