Travel Themed Home Office

This is my travel themed home office. I spend a lot of time in this room since I currently work from home. The last photo shows my favorite neighbor. I completed my home office decorating (minus the padded part of the Camel saddle) months ago. I am finally getting around to sharing the photos here. Painting this room was memorable since I had bad paint for the first coat. The store said it froze and they were not responsible. I know I did not damage the paint. Anyway, after I bought good paint, it went easy.

Paint: I started out with Sassafras Tea from Valspar but after I had a batch of bad paint and the store would not refund, I had it color matched at Sherwin Williams. This paint issue is also memorable for me since the same day that I painted the first bad coat, I had a first date with a man who happened to be a contractor. He insisted that 95% of the time it is not the paint, it is the painter. I did not bother telling him the next day when the store admitted the paint was the problem. The date and I were not compatible and there would not be a second date.

Carpet: Existing, it was too much doing everything else so I kept this carpet. Purple is not my favorite color but it seems to keep finding me. I once had a purple house. The carpet was in good shape except for a small issue, My Dad took some carpet from the closet and made a patch.

Earth Border Ribbon: I wanted something to hide the paint transition between wall and ceiling. I came up with this idea. I rough estimated when ordering the ribbon and I was right! I hot glued the ribbon to the wall. My hand was sore and I got a hot glue injury. But I am pleased with the result in the room.

Compass Decal: My friend’s 14 year old daughter designed, cut with my Cricut machine, and installed it for me. When people tour this room, they often ask if the directions are correct. Yes they are!

World Landmarks Decal: This is a beautiful but very detailed decal. I like the idea of the whole world together in one skyline. My friend’s 14 year old daughter helped me install it. For some of the taller buildings we also used help from the 16 year old daughter.

Ceiling Light: You can see in the before photos that the old fan had only 1 light. My Dad installed a new fan.

Airplane Pull

Outlet Plates: I decoupaged paper maps on the outlet plates. Most of them have special meaning to me: town my Grandmother was born in Ireland, places I have traveled, etc..

Switch Plates: I decoupaged paper maps on the switch plates. Iceland, and Kyoto, Japan (in Japanese).

Desks: My Dad assembled the desks. This one, and this one.

Desk Chair: I had it in my apartment before buying this house.

Printer Stand and Files: My Dad assembled it.

Travel Chair: This was my paternal Grandma’s chair. My parents renovated it with this fabric I bought from Walmart online.

Bookcases: I actually bought them in person at Target. My Dad assembled them.

Japanese Snow Monkey Art: I bought the frame from Walmart online.

Thailand Elephant Art: I bought the frame from Walmart online.

Vintage Shelves: These were my maternal Grandparents but I ended up with them when I was in my 20’s. I often renovate them for different living situations. This time we spray painted the metal gold and covered the shelves with map wrapping paper and clear contact paper.

Ancestor Countries Art: I found these free pintables online but can’t find them anymore. I printed out the countries my ancestors were born. I reused frames I had for an Herb gallery wall in my apartment.

Camel Saddle: My maternal Grandpa was a Flight Engineer for TWA. He brought this camel saddle back from Egypt when my Mom was a kid. It was in her childhood bedroom. I remember it in my Grandparents home when I was a kid. I thought the saddle would be perfect for my travel themed office. I need to replace the padded part. I intend to sew it myself at some point.

Foreign Coins Tissue Box: I repurposed an old wooden tissue box. Painted it black, used E6000 glue to attach foreign coins to make this travel themed tissue box.

Paris Trash Can

7 Lucky Gods Stamps – In 2017, I did a pilgrimage tour to the temples of the 7 Lucky Gods in Kyoto. I was frugal and did not buy the souvenir stamps from each location. In 2019, when a friend visited from Japan, she brought this for me.

Round North America Map: I purchased it in person from At Home.

Small Knob for Little Door: The door had a gold knob, my Mom found this online. I was able to find it in the store at Hobby Lobby.

Baskets with Lids: This, this, this, this.

Kokeshi: This traditional wooden doll was a gift from a college roommates parents. My roommate, Tomoko complained that it was heavy to bring to me.

Map Basket: My friend Deborah’s Mom made this out of maps a long time ago. It fits perfect in my travel themed office!

Little Camel: It was always on my maternal Grandmother’s dresser. She put rings in the little saddlebag. I need to sew it but didn’t yet.

Ceramic Bowls: I made these myself in Japan in 2017.

This is the “before” photo looking into the room.

This is the “before” photo standing by the window looking towards the hallway.

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