Laundry Room

I have a laundry room on the main floor (the same floor as my bedroom). This makes doing laundry easier than any other place I have ever lived. When I started to plan my redesign, two things were important: cabinets instead of open shelves, wave wallpaper instead of plain white walls. I am amused by having waves of water on the walls in my laundry room. My parents installed the wallpaper. They said that the design made them seasick but they enjoy the end result.


Cabinets: Home Depot

Ceiling Light: Home Depot. We had to install a new ceiling light since the old one was too big for the cabinet doors to open.

Outlet Plate: My parents covered it with wallpaper.

Switch Plate: this is part of my continued quest to change all of the boring cream outlet plates in my house.

Mop Hooks

Door Hooks: Command hooks

This is the “Before” photo of my laundry room.

My parents are amazing. I was impressed at how fast they hung the cabinets and wallpaper while I worked at my job.

I like the fun, function, and convenience of this laundry room. It is a little bold compared to the rest of the design in my house but I can keep the doors closed when desired. I enjoy my laundry room with waves.

I am guessing that I will reveal most of the rooms as they are mostly “completed”. This is my second reveal. The first was my cookie cutter closet.

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