Cookie Cutter Closet

I am working on organizing and making the rooms in my new house beautiful. I have my first room ready to show the world! It is actually a closet under the stairs. My dream for my house was to make my cookie cutter collection easier to use. I accomplished that goal. I am very happy with the look and function of this room (closet). Previously I had my entire collection in 4 large plastic totes.

This is the “before” photo of my cookie cutter closet.

Cube Shelves – I used one ClosetMaid 9 cube, two 6 cubes, and one One-Space 4 cube shelf. I bought them from Lowes and Amazon. My Dad put them together. He also installed a battery operated motion sensor light.

Storage Boxes

I used my old Brother P-Touch labeler to create labels for the cubes. I made a guide for myself and posted it in the closet. I also have a spreadsheet with all the different separate categories in each cube. For example, Spring Holiday has Hearts, Cupid, Leprechaun, Pot of Gold, Shamrock, Easter / Eggs and Crosses.

Not all of the cubes are filled (more room to grow my collection) and some of them contain other supplies to create cute food.

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  1. Deborah Klee says:

    Oh so you Kathy!

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