Lamb or Lion Pizza Dinner

Happy March! I hosted a Lamb or Lion themed dinner with my parents and friend Carol. Carol made the flower arrangement. I love that some of the flowers look like lion manes! March weather described as a lion or lamb is a theme I have revisited many times over the years (see links at the end of this post).

Lamb Pizza – Mozzarella, feta, garlic powder, black olives, pizza dough

Lion Pizza – tomato sauce, orange cheddar, black olives, orange bell pepper, mini cherry tomatoes, pizza dough

Lettering – carrot cut with a mini cutter

Lamb Dessert – plain Greek yogurt, chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, unsweetened coconut

Lion Dessert – plain Green yogurt, chocolate chips, Cracker Jack popcorn

My critique of the meal: I think it all came out delicious and adorable. One surprise for me were the desserts, plain Greek yogurt with fixings were delicious. The combinations were an experiment and it worked! My guests were given a choice of a lamb or lion dessert. I think that everyone enjoyed.

Past Lamb / Lion themed food








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