Cat Bread Dinner

I made a cat themed meal for my friend Renae and her family. Even the lentil soup had cats in it! Her oldest daughter Natalie helped me style the meal.

Raw Vegetables and Hummus – carrot, cherry tomato, celery

Lentil Soup with Cat Shaped Carrots (cut with a cookie cutter)

Cat Bread – I used the same recipe as the Groot Bread. I shaped the bread as cats and added chocolate details – chocolate and white chocolate with food coloring

Individual Cat Cheesecakes – details with Hershey kisses, M&M’s large and mini, melted chocolate put in a zip-lock bag with corner cut off

My critique of the meal: I think that everything was enjoyed by all. The cat carrots in the soup were a delight to eat and the bread and cheesecakes were adorable and delicious!

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