Fresh Cantaloupe Cake

Fresh Cantaloupe Cake Blueberries

Fresh “cake” made entirely from fruit is delicious, healthy, and fun to eat. Other years I made one from watermelon and honeydew. This year I  made a beautiful “cake” with fresh cantaloupe. It was a tasty and beautiful dessert for my parents and myself at their Lake House.

Cake – fresh cantaloupe (slice off the top and bottom and cut off the skin with a knife), remove the seeds and then fill the melon with fresh blueberries

Decorations – fresh blueberries (giant and normal sized), cantaloupe flowers (cut with a cookie cutter), ricotta cheese.  I attached the cantaloupe flowers and blueberries with toothpicks and warned the eaters that there were toothpicks in the food.

Cantaloupe Cake

Inside of Melon Cake

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