Ricotta and Apple Puffed Pastry Tarts

Breakafast Apple and Ricotta Tarts.jpg

Awhile ago, I had some leftover puffed pastry in my freezer. My friend Dennis and I enjoyed them for breakfast. No recipe, I just threw things together. I cut a sheet of puffed pastry into 4 pieces and fit them into a lightly sprayed muffin tin. I mixed ricotta with a little vanilla. I cut apples into star shapes with a cookie cutter and dipped them in cinnamon sugar. Then, I baked them at 375 until brown. (I don’t remember how long – maybe 15 minutes.)

Apple and Ricotta Puffed Pastry Tarts

My critique of the meal: I would use less ricotta next time and drizzle honey on top if a person wants it sweeter.

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2 Responses to Ricotta and Apple Puffed Pastry Tarts

  1. Anonymous says:

    Very pretty!!

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