10 Ways to Add Fun to Your Sandwich

10 Ways Fun to Sandwich Collage

Here are some (mostly easy) ideas for making a sandwich more fun to eat. Most of these techniques are quick to make. Try these at home or in a packed lunch.

1. Fun Picks – Just stick a pick in it. Eye picks make a fast and fun face sandwich. I added a pea pick for the mouth. You can buy picks at BentoUSA or Eats Amazing UK.

Food Picks Sandwich

2. Cookie Cutter with 2 types of bread – In this example I used wheat and pumpernickel breads. We normally eat wheat bread but I keep pumpernickel bread in my freezer to have on hand for fun details or something different. I served the wheat bread bat with the lunch. There are so many possibilities with this technique. You are only limited by your cookie cutters and types of bread that you and your kids will eat.

2 bread cut-out sandwich

3. Sugar Shape – Use a cookie cutter, a little butter and colored decorating sugar to make your sandwich standout from the crowd. In the example below I pressed a star shaped cookie cutter into my top piece of bread. Then, I added a little bit of butter and carefully sprinkled colored sugar inside the cookie cutter.

Sanding Sugar Shape Sandwich

Here is a basic photo tutorial.

Sugar Shape Photo Tutorial

4. Carrot Letters – This technique takes a little bit of time but not too long. I actually find it relaxing to cut shapes out of food. Think of all of the words you can spell with carrot letters! Thinly slice carrots and cut letters with small cookie cutters. If you will not transport your sandwich upright the letters may shift but you can “glue” them on with some Peanut Butter or WowButter. You can also pack a cloth napkin on top to help prevent shifting. I previously published this lunch here.

Election Day Lunch

5. Cheese – Adding cheese in a cute shape is a tasty way to add fun to your sandwich. The example below actually shows several techniques (cheese, food marker, and carrot). I used a knife and two different colored cheeses to make this ship. I drew details on the sail with food safe marker.  This lunch was previously published here.

Columbus Day Lunch

6. Candy Eyes and Food Marker – This is really two techniques. Occasionally I like to use food safe markers to draw on my food. I use Americolor food coloring markers.  The eyes in this example are Wilton Candy Eyeballs. If you are concerned about the eyes moving, you can try to glue them on with Peanut Butter or WowButter.

Candy Eye Food Marker Sandwich

7. Cookie Cutter Shape Cut-Out – This simple technique adds a lot of visual appeal. Use a cookie cutter to cut a shape and show the sandwich filling underneath. I previously published this lunch here.

Shamrock Sandwich with Cheese Harp

8. Sprinkle Shapes – There are so many sprinkle shapes available to add fun to your sandwich. This technique is best if you will serve the sandwich at home or carry the sandwich flat (not sideways) in your bag.

Sprinkle Shapes Sandwich

9. Dried Fruit –  Make your sandwich special with dried fruit. In this example I used dried blueberries for the eyes and nose and half of a dried apricot for the mouth. It was fast and easy but so cute!

Dried Fruit Face Sandwich

10. Toast Stamp – The toast stamp in the example was actually in a set of two that I found in a dollar store. I pressed the stamp into the top slice of bread. Then I toasted both pieces of bread. This lunch was originally published here.

World Smile Day Lunch

I hope that this article will inspire you to easily transform your sandwich into something fun to eat. Whether you try one technique or combine several techniques you are only limited by your imagination and what you or your kids will eat.

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  1. Cute sandwiches and great tips!

  2. Mamabelly says:

    Love these tips! It is so easy to forget that even some simple things like a cookie cutter or dried fruit can make lunch a lot more fun!

  3. Jennifer says:

    SUPER CUTE! Great ideas 🙂 Love the colors and the hint of sweet in that star one! Neat idea!

  4. Absolutely adorable!

  5. bentodays says:

    So cool! Such adorable sandwiches, love your ideas!

  6. larabeeuk says:

    Great ideas! Love the sugar star! #funfoodfriday

  7. Great post, just shows how even a simple sandwich can become really fun with a bit of thought! Thank you for linking to my shop, and thank you for linking to Fun Food Friday too!

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