Tennis Bread Lunch

Tennis Bread Lunch

I wanted to use my tennis racquet pasta in a different way so I made this lunch. I used homemade French Bread dough to make tennis balls. The pasta racquets with peas makes a cute side dish.

Container: EasyLunchBoxes

Left Side: Homemade tennis ball bread made from French Bread dough and food safe marker details (after baking), peanut butter in Mini Dippers.

Top Right: DeCecco Racchette pasta with green peas and Italian dressing

Bottom Right: Sugar Snap Peas

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4 Responses to Tennis Bread Lunch

  1. What a nice and creative lunch! I love every details in it especially the pasta racquets and peas.

  2. The tennis balls are so cute!!! Great way to commemorate epic tennis! 🙂

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