Windmill Salad

Windmill Salad

The idea for this salad came about because I asked a friend for menorah food suggestions. He suggested, “Hearts of Palm”. I had never tried Hearts of Palm but bought a can of it. Before opening the can, I wondered if it would be too large to make a menorah and still fit into a reasonable sized container. While looking at the picture on the can my backup idea was born – windmill.

Hearts of Palm – The description on the can by BADIA said, “Hearts of palms is a healthy and easy to prepare gourmet delicacy, very popular in France. Best enjoyed in salads.” I had never tried this before. I decided to make this for myself because I thought that I had a greater possibility of liking it than a niece, nephew or my husband. I did not immediately love it but it is very possible that if I tried it a few times it would be an enjoyable addition to my salads.

Windmills – In the past decade my area has greatly increased the number of windmill farms. It is controversial here for several reasons including the thought that they are an eyesore. A few years ago at a Earth Day fair in New York City, I was approached with the seemingly desirable fact I could get my electricity from wind energy. A different perspective because the windmills were out of sight in a different place. I don’t mind what they look like but there is not one in my backyard. I wonder what will happen to them if a time comes that there is a better source of energy. Broken down windmills all over the landscape would not be a good thing.

Container: EasyLunchBoxes

Fruit: Grapefruit

Nuts & Vegetable: Carrots and cashews

Salad: Leaf lettuce, hearts of palm, cheddar cheese

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  1. Jenn says:

    So cute, I love the Windmill!

  2. Such a pretty salad! Windmills are controversial here too, but they keep on building them! Personally I don’t think they look too bad, but then I don’t have one in my back garden either!
    Thank you for linking up to #FunFoodFriday

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