Syracuse Orange Bento

Syracuse Orange Lunch

My 13 year old nephew is a fan of Syracuse Orange. When I found the pasta at Wegmans I knew that I had to make a Syracuse Orange themed lunch for him.

Container: EasyLunchBoxes

Pasta: Syracuse pasta with orange bell pepper, butter, and Parmesan cheese

Chips: Terra Blues potato chips

Fruit: Clementine with paper and marker details

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9 Responses to Syracuse Orange Bento

  1. woodlandrealm10 says:

    Ha! I LOVE the orange, I must do that with my daughter’s lunch! love it!! thanks for the idea!

  2. The mascot looks so cute and I love how you fashioned it out of a real orange! Interesting (Had to Google Syracuse Orange).

  3. Janet Rörschåch says:

    You are such a great aunt.

  4. hrose2931 says:

    Hey does your nephew keep this cool and warm this in a microwave at school or is this something you have for him when he comes over. I have a picky eater but this is something he’d eat.

    • eclecticlamb says:

      This nephew does not mind eating pasta cool or at room temperature. But yes if a person wants it hot and a microwave is available you can keep it cool and then microwave. When I know that the lunch will be heated I make it easy to remove items we don’t want to heat. Such as putting grapes in a silicone cup.

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