Marionette Bento

This weeks theme for Bento of the Week (BOTW) at Bento Blog Network is kabobs. When brainstorming kabobs I came up with a Marionette.

I was aiming for clown but I think it looks more like a silly puppet.

Wood for Marionette holder: pretzel sticks

Strings: angel hair pasta

Hair: sun-dried tomato

Face: Wilton candy eyes, cinnamon imperial nose, Wilton food writer mouth

Arms: pimento stuffed green olives

Frill: red pepper cut with flower cookie cutter (used at neck and sleeves)

Body: baguette and cheddar cheese

Legs: cherry tomatoes

Background: spinach rice

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4 Responses to Marionette Bento

  1. Rebecca says:

    LOL…I love it!! What a fun and creative bento!!
    ~Rebecca at Bentos on the Bayou

  2. katriel says:

    i like it! it is very cute!

  3. Rina says:

    I Love it! Super cute and you are so creative šŸ™‚

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