Pink and Green Bedroom

Here is my Pink and Green bedroom with gold accents. When planning this room before I moved into the house, I knew I wanted pink walls as I had in my childhood bedroom. This pink is deliberately softer than the shade I had as a kid. This is my first time to live in a house by myself vs an apartment with limited decorating possibilities. Sometimes decorating is more difficult when I only have myself to answer to. I am happy that my parents and I removed the carpet that was previously in the house.

Here are “before” photos.

Paint: Charming Pink SW6309 from Sherwin Williams

Switch Plates and Outlet Covers: These are beautiful but a little thick. I think it makes them more distinctive and special.

Bed: I wanted an upholstered bed with wings. I was leaning towards cream. My designer suggested green velvet. I was not sure about it but took a chance. I complained and second guessed about this bed for the longest time because I thought I was going for a softer look. Months later, I am fine with it now. My Dad assembled the bed for me.

Bedding: Duvet Cover and Shams

Right Night Stand: From my childhood bedroom. It didn’t used to have a back. My Dad made a back this time. Painted it a soft green. Decoupaged the drawers. Added flower knobs, Lined the drawer with same paper I used to decoupage the outside.

Charging Station: I bought and like this.

Tissue Box Holder: I bought this to match the rose gold in the room.

Left Night Stand: My parents found this at a store with unfinished furniture. Painted it a soft green. Decoupaged the drawers. Added flower knobs, Lined the drawer with same paper I used to decoupage the outside.

Lamps on Night Stands: The lamps were my paternal Grandma’s. My parents cleaned them and my Dad added new electrical cords. I bought these lampshades.

Round White Table: (Ceramic Garden Stool). I didn’t like that my coffee cup clanked and you could see the hole in the middle of the table. My friend’s daughter Elizabeth designed the felt cover and I cut it with my Cricut machine.

Pink Chair: I can no longer find this exact chair but there are similar ones on Wayfair.

Hope Chest: This is a family historical Hope Chest that is now in my possession.

Rug: Fluffy soft rug. It was inexpensive but everyone who walks in my bedroom comments on how soft it is! I am happy that it perfectly matches the table.

Console Table: This in mint green. My Dad assembled it and added these bird knobs.

Full Length Mirror: I had this mirror in my apartment. It was silver. I spray painted it gold and hot glued gold flowers I bought.

Lamp on Green Console Table: My Mom had the lamp. I bought this shade.

Pink Planter Pot: I use this sometimes when I have potted flowers.

Line Drawing Art: This, this, and this.

Sashiko Art: I stitched these from patterns I bought in Japan. The center one has a Bamboo picture frame.

Ceramic Flower: I purchased from At Home.

Closet Labels: I like that my room has 3 distinct closets. I have one for Spring / Summer, one for Fall / Winter and one for miscellaneous. I sent the Japanese characters to my friend’s daughter Elizabeth and she formatted them for me. We printed them together on my Cricut machine. Elizabeth installed these on my closet doors. My Dad did extensive work getting these closets ready for me.

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