Hope Chest Lunch

When I was a child, I loved looking inside my Grandmother’s hope chest. It held family historical items such as a baptism gown, rolling pin from her bridal shower, the sweater and one of the socks she wore when she arrived on the boat from Ireland at 12 years old. My Grandmother repeatedly told me that someday the hope chest would be mine. Over the years at times I thought she would give it to me, she didn’t. She didn’t give it to me when I got married or when my husband and I bought a house. My ex-husband told me that he once tried to find a hope chest for me but he didn’t find one. I am fine that he didn’t find one. It was the historical family hope chest that I cared about. My Grandpa bought it for my Grandmother and there was an inscription inside, “Joan from John”.

This lunch is a simple representative of this hope chest that is now in my bedroom.

Glass Container with Lid

Hope Chest: Cheese with food coloring marker details

Broccoli, cheese mashed potatoes

Round Glass Bowl with Lid

Joan from John: Food coloring marker on tortilla


My Grandmother marked the year on the gift plaque.

This year when I started to plan my bedroom decorating, my Mom offered the hope chest to me. She had it from when my Grandmother died. I had mixed feelings about it since my Grandmother never gave it to me. Ultimately I decided to take it. It does not matter if my Grandmother for some reason did not want to give it to me. I have it now and I am happy to have a historical family item in my room. Also it is useful to have furniture at the end of the bed to put things on.

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