Niece 20th Birthday Party

My parents and I celebrated my niece’s 20th birthday a little early with her this year. I am posting this today since it is her actual birthday. It was special to be able to celebrate her birthday with her.

Decorations: My mom bought various decorations and we had fun assembling them.

Favor: Flower shaped chocolates placed on paper doilies

Napkin Rings: clear with flower holders and small flowers. I already had these. I used them for my birthday party. The price has increased a lot since last year!

Tablecloth and napkins: floral

Watermelon Flower Centerpiece: My Dad and I made the watermelon centerpiece. We cut watermelon with a flower cookie cutter, attached with toothpicks and added dried cherry centers.


  • Strawberry Sodas – seltzer with strawberry syrup (my niece made mine without sugar – it was delicious) We served them with pink straws and the antique glasses my Grandparents received as a wedding gift.
  • Flower Shaped Mashed Potatoes – My mom made the mashed potatoes and I used a rice mold to shape them
  • Mushroom Gravy – my niece made it
  • Broccoli
  • Chicken (for meat eaters) I had some delicious lasagna my niece made.
  • Individual Flower Shaped Ice Cream Cakes – cut chocolate or non-chocolate ice cream with flower cookie cutter, put in freezer, added gummy bears or crushed mint chocolate cookies in the middle, another flower shaped ice cream, whipped cream and sanding sugar on top.

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