Craft Room

Awhile ago, I completed decorating my new craft room. The theme is fairy tale forest during the day. I am finally getting around to sharing the room here. Of all the various craft rooms I have had, this is my favorite. The wallpaper mural is perfect for the space. My parents installed it and made a frame for it. I love that I have a lot of closet space and a hidden room which has even more storage. In the main room I set up various crafting stations (wrapping / mailing, Cricut, Sewing, general crafting). Most of the storage I used in my other craft rooms.

Mural: I bought it from this Etsy shop.

Tree Chairs: In my last two craft rooms these chairs were white with pink floral cushions. I painted them brown and bought tree cushions.

Owl Lamp

Cricut Table

Sewing Table

Dropleaf Table: I had this in my last two craft rooms. It was my grandparents and they loaned it to a friend for 60 years. That friend gave it back to my parents. In my last two craft rooms, it was green. This time, I painted it white.

Wrapping / Mailing Station: I am not sure where I bought this. I used it in the kitchen of the apartment I lived in before buying this house.

Fairy light pull: I bought this on Etsy but link and shop is no longer active.

Dragonfly switch plate

Hummingbird switch plate

Walls: I painted them a pale green.

This is the “before” photo of my craft room.

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