Zucchini Rice Casserole Dinner

I made this zucchini, tomato, rice and cheese casserole for my friend Dennis and myself. It was a last minute dinner and easy to throw together.

Zucchini Tomato Casserole – I used the recipe as a guide but did not exactly follow it. I used spring onions and zucchini from my CSA. I baked the casserole in individual portions and sprinkled Asiago cheese on top.

Sliced Strawberries with Ricotta – My portion has plain ricotta. Dennis has sweetened ricotta with sugar and vanilla.

My critique of the meal: We both enjoyed this meal. This is an easy meal and it has a lot of different flavor possibilities. I don’t use these individual dishes very often but I should. They are very attractive and fun to use. The only problem was that I should have served it after cooling down awhile. It was very hot in temperature!

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