Pontoon Boat Christening Party

My Mom had a boat christening party for my parent’s new Pontoon Boat. The weather did not cooperate as we had planned. It was cold and rainy. We adapted and still held the christening ceremony and party but instead of having the boxed meals on the boat, we had them in the house. My Mom had a small speech prepared and broke the special ceremonial bottle. She allowed me to participate by pouring a small amount of red wine into the water. I enjoyed attending this special ceremony and look forward to many rides in the boat. It is very comfortable!

They named the boat, “The Smiling Fox”. The name was a secret and I did not know it until the ceremony. It has special meaning for my family.

We toasted with Asti and enjoyed these appetizers. I mostly used the idea from this but filled it with vegetable hummus and garnished with mini green pepper anchors cut with a cookie cutter. Everyone enjoyed!

7 people attended the party. Before the ceremony I gave the guests their meal choices. My Mom and I prepared bento boxes with their choices. I labeled the lids with their name written on masked tape.

Container: EasyLunchBoxes


  • Tomato, Fresh Mozzarella, Homemade Pesto on homemade Focaccia
  • Egg salad (my Mom made) with lettuce on Trader Joes freezer mini croissants that I baked before the party

Sides: (guests had a choice of two)

  • Mixed nuts
  • Cherry Tomato, Black Olive, Fresh Mozzarella Ball
  • Fruit (choice of mango, blueberries, red grapes, strawberries)

We had blueberry cheesecake as dessert. I did not get any photos of it before my Mom cut it into slices.

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