Online Reypenaer Cheese Tasting

Erik Cheese Man

My Dad wanted a fun social distancing activity for us so he ordered cheese from Amsterdam for an online cheese tasting. It took 3 weeks to arrive because mail is not as good these days but the cheese arrived! We attended their Saturday afternoon tasting in English via Zoom. My parents have traveled to Amsterdam several times and went to the Reypenaer Cheese shop in person for a tasting.

The event was informative and fun. Our class happened to be small with only one other group. We made a lunch of it with crackers and fruit since it happened to be 11 am Eastern time.

6 Cheese to Taste


Cheese Class

Flavors Detect in Cheese

The card above lists flavors it is possible to detect when tasting cheese.

Cut Cheese

I would recommend this experience if you are looking for a delicious and memorable activity.

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