Walk Brighton Project Week 6


I did it! My Walk Brighton Project is complete. I walked all of the streets over a mile radius from my home. Of course, I will still walk in my town but my focus of exploring and documenting areas new to me in this town is over for now. I am still in awe of what I was able to experience by walking from my home.


  • Watching flowers and trees bloom.
  • The “hunt” of never knowing what I would find.
  • “Smile” spelled in Daffodils and Tulips in front of a dentist office.
  • Discovered a path near my place that I was not previously aware. It will make it easier to get to some beautiful areas when there is a lot of traffic again.
  • The many paper rainbows and hearts attached to doors and windows.


  • Completed between March 27 to May 5, 2020.
  • I walked to each of the locations from my home.
  • I called it the Walk Brighton Project but some streets in my radius were in The City of Rochester and Pittsford.
  • If a road was marked private, I did not walk it.
  • I focused on walking residential streets.
  • My longest walk was around 5 miles round trip. Some walks were around 4 miles.
  • I am not afraid of walking in cold, rain, or snow. I encountered very few people during these walks.

Thursday Evening 4-30-20 

  • Streets Walked
    • Pittsford Trail System (Railroad Loop Trail)
    • Highland Avenue
    • Gould Street
    • Kimberly Drive
    • Grosvenor Road
    • East Avenue
    • Council Rock Avenue
    • Thackery Road
    • Esplande Drive
    • Pelham Road


splendid spring tree

birches at ranch

tree leaves spring

Home of Brighton Senior 2020

roof chimney

Brighton Neighborhood

Tudor Segment

Driveway light


turret top

grey house

Saturday Morning 5-2-20 

  • Streets Walked
    • Elmwood Avenue
    • Chelmsford Lane
    • Chelmsford Road
    • Winton Road
    • Highland Avenue
    • Chadbourne Road
    • Warrington Drive
    • Oakdale Drive
    • Mayflower Drive
    • Glen Ellyn Way
    • Varianna Drive
    • Rhinecliff Drive


Ship on Chimney

Brighton at Dawn

Blue Garage Doors

Turret with Sun

Sunday Morning 5-3-20 

  • Streets Walked
    • Elmwood Avenue
    • South Grosvenor Road
    • Babcock Drive
    • Clover Street (Route 65)
    • Georgian Court Road
    • Trevor Court Road
    • Ambassador Drive
    • Sandringham Road
    • Esplanade Drive


brick walk

Fairy Tale Turret

Stone House with Gate

Stone Center Turret

Sidewalk Mosaic

Monday Afternoon 5-4-20 

  • Streets Walked
    • Pittsford Trail System (Railroad Loop Trail)
    • Highland Avenue
    • Templeton Road
    • Ashbourne Road
    • South Winton Road
    • Wilshire Road
    • Hillside Avenue
    • Palmerston Road
    • Monteroy Road
    • Claybourne Road
    • Edgemoor Road
    • Chelmsford Road
    • Commonwealth Road
    • Elmwood Avenue


white tudor

Blue stone

Spring Street


brick turret

round window

Tuesday Afternoon 5-5-20 

  • Streets Walked
    • Elmwood Avenue
    • Elmwood Avenue
    • Clovercrest Drive
    • Landon Parkway
    • Clover Street (Route 65)
    • Whitewood Lane
    • South Grosvenor Road

Whitewood Lane

Sycamore Trees


Whitewood Lane

“Life is a journey, not a destination.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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    Wow!!!!! Loved your picture’s.

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    Congrats! Hope you still get out for walks! hah! Love all the pix

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