Vegetable Wellington Birthday Dinner

Vegetable Wellington with Lemon Wine Sauce

Last Friday was Carol’s birthday. Instead of going to a restaurant, I offered to make dinner for her at my home. I made the Vegetable Wellington from Thanksgiving 2018 that she loved.

Note: Since this dinner was on a Friday night after work, I did some prep Thursday evening: roasted the vegetables, made the pesto and soup. I kept the dessert easy by buying it Friday afternoon at Wegmans.

Lentil Soup – this was easy to make and delicious. I needed more vegetable broth and did not use the grains of paradise.

Vegetable Wellington (I used frozen Puffed Pastry and did not use mushrooms or eggplant), served with Citrus Beurre Blanc sauce (recipe at the bottom)

Wegmans Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake (half size)

Lentil Soup

Wegmans Chocolate Mouse Cake

My critique of the meal: Wonderful meal! The only thing I would change is to cut the shallots smaller for the Citrus Wine sauce. It would look prettier on the plate. I don’t usually buy dessert but it saved time and was a special treat.

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