Rose Ravioli Dinner

Rose Ravioli Dinner Table

I made this Rose themed meal for my parents and friend Renae’s family the weekend they went to my parent’s Lake House. Renae’s daughters were very helpful with making enough cute ravioli for 7 people.

Rose Ravioli – I found these directions for beautiful rose shaped ravioli. I used this pasta recipe and filled them with a combination of ricotta, Parmesan, basil and oregano. I topped the roses with cut tomato and served with a choice of roasted sugar snap peas or asparagus.

Green Salad

Apple Cream Cheese Rose Tarts

Rose Ravioli

Making Rose Ravioli

Rose Ravioli with Photo.jpg

Rose Apple Dessert

My critique of the meal:

Making these with Renae’s daughters was a special experience. The ravioli looked beautiful and tasted great. This was my second time making the Apple Rose Tarts. They are easy, impressive, and delicious.

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