50 Summer Activities

Last year my nephews and I completed 100 Summer Activities. This year it was requested that we only do 50. I was surprised but it might end up being easier for me. Some of these activities are repeats from last year (they wanted to do them again). Since we only have 50 items this year, each of us will also have independent projects. We have not finalized our independent projects yet but they currently include: write comic, stop action Lego film, design board game, study chess strategies, and learn more Kanji (my project).


1. Walk to Tim Hortons
2. Have Great Grandma over for lunch
3. Library drop in and make robotics
4. See movie at local theater
5. Village garage sales
6. Go on a hike
7. Corning Museum of Glass
8. Go to Aunt Kathy’s parent’s lake house overnight
9. Visit Aunt Catherine and cousins
10. Aquarium
11. Trampoline Park
12. Lego Store
13. Peach Picking
14. DEC Hike – pond with pink water lilies
15. Miniature golf
16. Go to candy store or chocolate shop
17. Cuba Cheese store
18. Rock City


19. Wood carving
20. Tin can lantern
21. Throw paint filled eggs at canvas
22. Lego catapult
23. Glow in the dark lemonade (will not drink)
24. Glow in the dark bubbles
25. Design your own drink jar – paint on glass jar
26. Make clocks
27. Make something with clay
28. Balsawood airplane kit
29. Lego zipline
30. Lego USB drive


31. Archery
32. Movie Marathon
33. Have their dog visit for the day
34. Freeze toy in ice
35. Read a book, watch the movie, make themed food
36. Play horseshoes


37. Make volcano with baking soda and vinegar
38. Exploding sidewalk paint bag
39. Special effects book pg 1, 20, or 54 (will post more details later)
40. Experiment with food coloring, milk, soap


41. Tea light marshmallow toasting
42. Battered fried apple rings
43. Walk to local ice cream parlor
44. Make homemade ice cream
45. Make slushies
46. Make fried dough
47. Make Yoda ice cream
48. Make fresh watermelon cake
49. Make cinnamon rolls
50. Make bento for sister and deliver to her at work

We were successfully able to complete our 100 activities last year so I am hopeful to complete our list of 50 and independent projects this summer. I hope to post some updates along the way and give a report here at the end of the summer.

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  1. Rebecca says:

    Good luck with these plans. I enjoyed these posts last year and I took some of your ideas to generate activities for my kids. Have a fun summer.

  2. eclecticlamb says:

    We enjoy having planned activities. I am glad that it gave you some ideas.

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