Fit and Fresh Shake and Bag

Fit and Fresh Shake container meal

Fit & Fresh sent me this shake container and bag to try. Previously they sent this vegetable and dip container. I normally do not drink shakes or smoothies. But I know that is a good option for many people. In fact my 15 year old nephew requested the shake container and now has it. He likes the green Jaxx agitator and container better than the container he had before. I kept the pretty bag.

I tried a blueberry-peanut butter shake but I will not share the recipe because I did not like the recipe. But I can tell you that the shake container is easy to clean. In the vegetable and dip container is roasted pepper hummus, red bell pepper, and celery.

Fit and Fresh black and white bag

Disclosure: Fit & Fresh sent me the products shown here for review. I was not financially compensated. All opinions stated here are 100% my own.

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