Camel Corn Pancakes for Lunch

Camel corn pancake egypt lunch

My nephew requested a pancake lunch so I made several in the shape of camels.

Container: EasyLunchBoxes

Left Side: Camel corn pancakes (add corn to pancake batter, cut with cookie cutter after making pancake – eat the scraps), maple syrup in yellow container, Cheddar cheese pyramid (my nephew made it)

Top Right: Orange and green bell pepper

Bottom Right: Apple with hieroglyphic carved into it with a channel knife

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4 Responses to Camel Corn Pancakes for Lunch

  1. Bento Ninja says:

    Love this lunch! The pyramid and the hieroglyphic? AWESOME!

  2. Oh, I decided I just need to get back on and see my friends more…I really miss your cute lunches.I LOVE the camel!

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