2 Sheep Themed Lunches

2 Sheep lunches Collage

You are probably not surprised (because my blog is called Eclectic Lamb) that I like lambs and sheep. Today I am sharing an open-faced sheep shaped sandwich and a roll made into a sheep with the help of a little chocolate. Here are some other sheep and lamb themed food and crafts. I also have a Pinterest board dedicated to lamb and sheep shaped food.

Sheep Cream Cheese Sandwich Lunch

Recently I received a few new sheep cookie cutters so I decided to use two in this sheep themed lunch.

Container: LunchBots Trio

Top Left: Sheep open-faced cream cheese sandwich – toasted wheat bread (cut with cookie cutter), cream cheese, chocolate sprinkles, raw broccoli

Top Right: Apple, cut-out with mini sheep cutter – pushed small cutter into apple, removed, used tip of knife to remove the skin, added lemon juice to prevent browning, walnuts

Bottom: Raw cauliflower, olives

Sheep Bread Lunch

I made this funny sheep bread meal as part of dinner for my nephew. I put the chocolate on the bread shortly before he ate it. Maybe it would have looked better with feet. I think it bothered my nephew that there was not a body so he drew one in using a sheep pick dipped in chocolate. (see image below)

Container: EasyLunchBoxes

Top Left: Clementine

Bottom Left: Cheddar cheese

Right Side: Sheep shaped bread with chocolate face and candy eyes, spinach

sheep bread drawing chocolate

This is my nephews chocolate sheep drawing.

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