Top 14 Bento of 2014

Top 14 Bento 2014

Keeping with tradition I am happy to share my favorite bento from the year. It was difficult picking only 14.

Momotaro (Peach Boy) story

peach boy bento lunch

I made this lunch as part of a series of Japan travel photos and bento I made at home after the trip. The meals were inspired by my photos and memories.

Buddha Quesadilla

Buddha lunch

This is another lunch inspired by my trip to Japan in 2014. I made this Buddha quesadilla lunch for my niece. I smile every time I see this photo.


Miyajima Bento

This is the third bento inspired by my trip to Japan to make this list. I love the simplicity of this lunch.

Canada Goose

Canada Goose Lunch

I made this lunch for a hike with my nephews at a nearby nature preserve. It stands out for me as one of my better bento from the year.


Dragonfly Lunch

This is another lunch I made for the hike at the nature preserve. It was incredibly simple – made with a cookie cutter but I thought it was beautiful.

Snow Globe

Snowglobe Bento Lunch

I was delighted when I found this cookie cutter and knew that I needed to use it to make lunch. It is another simple cookie cutter lunch but I loved it.

Taco Salad Flag

Taco Salad Flag Lunch

I made this for my 17 year old nephew as part of 14 Fourth of July themed meals.


July 4 Fireworks

My niece came up with the idea for this meal. Maybe you did not know it was fireworks until I told you but I love how this turned out.


Babar Lunch

After making this Babar out of mashed potatoes I was so delighted I had to share it immediately with my Mom and husband. If I had to pick one favorite from the year it is this one.

Fox in the Snow

Fox in Snow Bento Lunch

Another simple cookie cutter lunch but it was a delight to make and eat.

Pumpkin Calzone

Jack-o-lantern calzone lunch

This was another one that made me smile a lot. Why eat a regular calzone when it can be cute like this?

Onigiri Faces

Onigiri Face Bento

I made this simple more traditional Japanese bento for my niece.

Bunny Sandwiches

Bunny Sandwiches Bento

Sprouts make perfect grass for these sandwich bunnies. Also this year I had fun decorating pistachios.

Lily of the Valley

ELB Lily of the Valley

This lunch was part of a series of flower themed lunches. I actually had a negative comment on this one on Pinterest. A person assumed that cute lunches were only for kids and that if we teach kids not to eat toxic plants we should not make lunches that look like them. I made this lunch for myself not a kid and I was pleased that she thought it looked so good. It is cream cheese and chives.

I hope that you enjoyed seeing my favorite bento from the year. Please be sure to subscribe to my blog by email if you want to see what I make in 2015.

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3 Responses to Top 14 Bento of 2014

  1. mtetar says:

    Hard choosing they are all great work of art. Be Blessed, Mtetar

  2. Lauren says:

    All so creative! I especially love the fireworks one.

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