Toast Art Lamb

Toast Art Lamb

This is my first time making what I consider toast art. I have used toast stamps before, here and here. I made this breakfast for my Dad because the theme this week at Bento Blog Network is Toast. This bento features the lamb I have drawn since I was a child.

To make my toast art lamb, I cut the shape out of aluminum foil and placed it on the bread before toasting. I used melted chocolate for the details.

Container: EasyLunchBoxes

Top Left: 2 hard-boiled eggs

Bottom Left: Raspberries

Right Side: 2 slices of toast (one buttered, one with chocolate for lamb details), cheddar cheese stick

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  1. Keitha says:

    This is very cute!

  2. elle says:

    How do you keep being so creative?! This is too cute 🙂

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