Paris Themed Birthday Party

Paris Party Desserts

My niece had a Paris themed birthday party for her 15th birthday party with family. The party colors were purple and white with some black accents. The birthday girl’s favorite color is purple. 25 family members attended the party and had a great time.


  • I ♥ Paris candles – I designed and printed simple text to attach to candles. We just taped them on. (To be safe, we did not light the candles.)
  • Eiffel Tower table centerpieces
  • French words napkin rings (I used alphabet beads to spell French words and threaded them twice on ribbon to minimize beads getting all over the place at the party. During the process I used a mini muffin pan to organize the words. I made a translation sheet to help people decipher their napkin ring.)
  • Birthday banner in French
  • Lego Eiffel Tower (my 9 year old nephew made it)
  • Paper Paris
  • Purple and White Garland
  • Easels for food labels
  • Food picks – I re-sized and printed drawings of Paris architecture and taped them to toothpicks.

I ♥ Paris Candles

I Heart Paris Candles

Paris Party Tables

Paris Party Tables

Close-up of Party Table

Close-up of Table

Napkin Ring & Translations

Napkin Ring and Translations

Garland & Happy Birthday Banner

Paris Party Birthday Banner


  • Perrier water
  • Lemonade

Hors d’oeuvres:

  • Crudités (served with Ranch dip – not French but a crowd favorite)
  • Cheese, grapes, nutella, and apples platter
  • Savory Palmiers
  • Mini Asparagus Quiches

Crudités with Paris Picks


Fruit and Nutella

Fruit and Nutella

Palmiers and Mini Quiches

Palmiers and Mini Quiches

Main Meal:

  • Croissant sandwiches
  • Asparagus Quiche
  • Potato Gratin
  • French Onion Soup
  • Salad with Eiffel Tower croutons – I used a toast stamp (this) to print on white bread. I trimmed around the Eiffel Tower, then I brushed with melted butter and baked at 300 for about 15 minutes (until lightly browned)
  • Fruit salad – green grapes, fresh pineapple, orange sections, and strawberries
  • Eiffel Tower watermelon – I used a small Eiffel Tower cookie cutter (these were a hit with the kids at the party!)

When planning this party I was inspired by this Paris themed bento by Becoming A Bentoholic.

Salad with Eiffel Tower Croutons

Paris Salad

Eiffel Tower Watermelon & Fruit Salad

Eiffel Tower Watermelon


  • Eiffel Tower cake (My sister-in-law made the cake)
  • Individual Mousse with Arc de Triomphe chocolate garnish (I melted a semi-sweet chocolate bar, put it in a Ziploc bag, snipped off the end and piped the shapes onto parchment, and put it in the freezer)
  • Eiffel Tower and Paris sugar cookies – I am not skilled at frosting cookies but I have success piping frosting with a Ziplock bag so I used this technique for these cookies.
  • French vanilla ice cream
  • Fruit crepes
  • Apple tart

Eiffel Tower Cake

Eiffel Tower Cake

Chocolate Mousse

Paris Mousse

Paris Cookies

Paris Cookies


10 Trivia questions about Paris. There were two prizes (French cookies) that I wrapped with this (printed on white paper).


I never studied French. I used Google translate and an online English-French dictionary. I know that this does not take the place of actually knowing French so I do not guarantee the accuracy of the French translations.

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    Unique and worth sharing. My granddaughter likes the color purple also. Thanks for sharing your idea. Blessings, Mtetar

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    You’re welcome as always. Blessings, Mtetar

  3. bentodays says:

    The table settings and food look great! Lovely party, and the Eiffel Tower cake is awesome!

  4. Love this concept. Thanks for sharing.

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    Thank you for visiting!

  6. What an adorable idea! Really darling!

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