Tissue Box Die

Tissue Box Die

When my 8 year old nephew and I spent the day together recently, we created a craft for JDaniel4’s Mom: 3rd Annual Tissue Box Challenge 2013. The challenge was to “decorate or build a tissue box(es) with or for your children”.

Our project is basic but it was a great Aunt/Nephew activity and it was fun to work together in my craft room. We brainstormed ideas. I drew the circles, he did most of the coloring. Together we attached the panels.

View of  3 and 2

Tissue Box Die 3-2

View of  6 and 4

Tissue Box Die 6-4

JDaniel4's Mom_tissue_box_challenge

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21 Responses to Tissue Box Die

  1. What a great idea, I’m going to try that with my 8 year old daughter. Maybe we can make several…

  2. Mary Lee says:

    Did the two of you roll it and play a game after completing it?

  3. mtetar says:

    Great interactive project. Thanks for sharing the idea. Be Blessed, Mtetar

  4. That’s a cute idea! I’ll have to try it.

  5. This is a great idea! I wish I had used these in my classroom! We rolled dice to see what parts of their writing I would grade. It would have been fun to have oversized ones!

  6. Savvy Style says:

    This is adorable…wish I had seen it before our party, I would have made some as stands to put the cupcakes on! 🙂

  7. bentodays says:

    Looks like a fun weekend project! Glad you both had a great time making it!

  8. I love this idea. You could play so many fun games with a huge die like that.

  9. This is wonderful die! It would be great fun to roll a giant die! Thank you so much for creating it for the tissue box challenge.

  10. me says:

    very cool. It would be very hard to loose this die!

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