Small Plates Appetizer Dinner


I am finally getting around to posting this amazing meal. For Christmas Eve dinner my family enjoyed a small plates appetizer dinner. My Mom and I decided on the recipes and coordinated the plates/shooters/bowls we wanted to use.

Yes we used a lot of plates but it was fun for a special occasion.

My family does a great job at pitching in and creating meals together. I cherish the time we spend together cooking and feasting.

Caprese Salad and Stuffed Baquette


For the miniature Caprese salads we were inspired by this recipe (scroll down) but did not really use it as we have made Caprese salad many times. My husband made the salads for this meal.

We used this recipe for the stuffed baguette but did two versions, one with olives and one without (my husband does not like olives). My Mom made this recipe.

Dad’s Stuffed Mushrooms


My Dad made his famous stuffed  mushrooms. They are always a hit at parties. Too bad that I don’t like mushrooms.

Baked Spinach Dip in Bread Bowl


We used this recipe for these delicious morsels. My Mom made these.

Pesto Poppers


I made these Pesto Poppers. They were very easy to assemble.

Pumpkin Soup Shooters


I made these Pumpkin soup shooters. I used vegetable stock.

Mango, Carrot, and Cucumber Sticks


We knew that we wanted to use Asian spoons to add more interest to the table. I found this recipe. It was easy and tasted great!

Peanut Butter Pie Shooters and Swan Cream Puffs


My Mom and husband made the Peanut Butter Pie Shooters.

Close-up of Swan Cream Puff


My Mom and brother made the Cream Puff Swans. I supplied them the recipes/directions from this and this.

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33 Responses to Small Plates Appetizer Dinner

  1. brejniak says:

    Such great, unusual idea. Christmas Eve….. just amazing!

  2. mtetar says:

    I like the swan, brought to life by both your mom, and brother. Nice creativity by them. Mtetar

  3. kathysnest32 says:

    WOW..SO very impressed. This would have been so much fun. A family affair. That is what Christmas is all about in my opinion. The love you are suppose to share. Well done. XXX Kathy

  4. Mary Lee says:

    Wow! Everything sounds and looks delicious. What an amazing meal and how wonderful that all of your family were involved preparing it. I bet you all were pretty full after consuming everything. I love the square plates too.

  5. Linda Makiej says:

    what a GREAT idea for a dinner party!!

  6. Lesley says:

    Love this! Have done all small plates at the holidays myself once and everyone enjoyed it so much! I think people stress themselves out more than necessary at dinner parties and these are all great ideas.

  7. Renae says:


  8. bentodays says:

    Looks amazing! Great food, lovely presentation and that swan cream puffs are so pretty!

  9. peglydem says:

    Oh My This looks so awesome. My grandkids would be blown away and I don’t think they would touch a thing until asked to do so! FUN! Love cooking with family

  10. Me says:

    Love the Cream Puffs!!!

  11. Andrea says:

    such a fantastic twist on the typical holiday feast! thanks for the inspiration!

  12. daniellajoe says:

    I wish I was there 🙂

  13. What a fun dinner party! I love thee swan cream puffs and the Asian spoons filled with veggie sticks appetizers. Great idea and very nice presentation 🙂

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