Doctor Who Bento Blog Hop

When I was a child my dad watched Doctor Who. I was often drawn into an episode but I don’t think I ever watched an entire show. I found parts of Doctor Who too scary to watch. I have not seen it as an adult but I am nostalgic for it and enjoyed making this themed bento.

I am happy to join my fellow Bento Bloggers & Friends on this Doctor Who themed blog hop. Please follow the hop button on each blog to see all of the Doctor Who themed bentos.

Doctor Who Lettering: carrot

Background: tortilla

Dalek: pumpernickel bread, wheat bread, silver Wilton color mist, angel hair pasta

Vegetable: crinkle cut carrots

Fruit: champagne grapes

Click on the image below to go to Molly’s Lunch Box to see Shannon’s awesome Doctor Who themed bento lunch.

Doctor Who Hop

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10 Responses to Doctor Who Bento Blog Hop

  1. you’re awesome! How fun is that, in a geeky Doctor Who kinda way! Big ups to you, mama!

  2. tracie says:

    Great lunch! Love the Dalek!!

  3. Jenn says:

    That’s awesome! Your Dalek rocks!!

  4. momessori says:

    so glad you did a Dalek! The blog hop wouldn’t be complete without one 🙂 It looks yummy!

  5. Fabulous Dalek! A Dalek was too ambitious for me, well done!

  6. Marie says:

    I agree! Lovely Dalek you’ve got there!

  7. Sarah says:

    That is too neat.. the Dalek is super! I cannot get over the lettering in CARROTS! Awesome!

  8. Like most others, I was drawn in by the Dalek! I’m not a Who fan, but I know what it is. Awesome job. 😀

  9. Anonymous says:

    Who is “Who”?

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