Daffodil Dinner 2023

I asked my Mom what theme or food she wanted for Mother’s Day. She said Daffodil dinner. It made sense since we celebrated at the mountain Lake House and the daffodils were about to bloom. They were in full bloom for our dinner.

Drinks: Pina Colada with Orange Juice or Seltzer with a ground up pineapple

Daffodil Main: Orange Cheddar mashed potato daffodil with roasted asparagus and sugar snap epas

Daffodil Parfait: Daffodil – cream cheese with food coloring, Dirt – crushed Oreo thins cookies, Whipped Cream

My critique of the meal: 

When my Mom asked for “Daffodil”, I was lacking inspiration since I have done it many times before. The drinks were a late idea inspired by my niece who likes serving themed drinks. I wanted daffodil colored drinks. The dessert was a last minute idea. We went shopping right before the meal to get the whipped cream and cookies. The store was out of heavy cream so we used whipped cream from a can. The meal was enjoyed by all!

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