Halloween Treats 2022

This was my first Halloween in my new home. It was also my first time to have trick-or-treaters since I last had a house in 2016. I don’t have a prominent porch as I did before. Maybe in future years I will be creative and festively lead kids to my porch which is on the side of my house. This year since I have a large dumpster in my driveway (doing some renovations), I decided to hand out candy from my garage.

I did not know how many kids to expect. I asked neighbors, one said 40, one said 100. It was a rainy Monday and I had about 30 kids.

I followed the advice of my 20 year old niece and bought full-sized candy. I had a selection of chocolate or fruit flavored candy choices. The kids preferred the fruit candy. They were very excited to receive the full-sized. One family came and said they were told they had to go to the house with the dumpster!

This year was my first time to receive Halloween treats from a neighbor! I was delighted to receive treats and homemade tomato sauce. The sauce had onion, carrots, and celery and was delicious! In turn, I made pumpkin muffins and gave them to neighbors and friends.

My parents sent a Halloween card and my niece made and sent a delightful ghost card.

It was a memorable first Halloween in my new home!

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