New to Neighborhood Cookies

Since I am new to my neighborhood, I wanted to meet my neighbors. I thought it would be easier to ring their bell if I had something to give them. At first I considered making my mini bagels. My Mom thought it would be better to make house cookies with my house number. Of course, I had house cookie cutters in my collection.

Basic Cut-out Sugar Cookie with a homemade buttercream frosting.

I packaged up cookies for the number of people I expected in the house (some neighbors helped me). I attached a card I printed with my information. It was snowy and cold (13 degrees F) but I now have the names and numbers for the neighbors in the 5 houses closest to me. One neighbor told me about a neighborhood email distribution list and they will get me added.

I enjoyed baking in my new kitchen. It has a lot of space. Cutting out the cookies and frosting them was relaxing. Ringing doorbells of people I don’t know made me a little nervous but I am glad I made the effort to meet my neighbors.

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