Gorilla Lunch

gorilla lunch

I made this gorilla themed lunch for my Dad. I questioned if it looked like a gorilla. When I gave this to my Dad I asked him if he knew the theme. He hesitantly said, elephant. I asked my Mom and 18 year old niece who were nearby and they said it did not look like a gorilla.

I was excited to find the baby bananas! In 2013 when I made this Jungle meal, I wanted to use baby bananas but could not find them. This was my first time buying them. My Dad did not want to try them at first but when he tried it he said it was slightly sweeter than normal size bananas. My Mom agreed. My 18 year old niece and I don’t eat bananas so we did not try but they looked adorable.

Container: EasyLunchBoxes

Left Side: Gorilla – cheddar mashed potatoes cut with a cookie cutter, smoked paprika, peas

Top Right: Palm trees – cucumber, carrot, over romaine

Bottom Right: Baby bananas

photo gorilla lunch

I made and photographed this meal at my parents Lake House. I think that this is the first time to take and share a behind the scenes photo of a photo shoot. It was such a beautiful day and location!

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