6×6 Art Submission 2020

6x6 Snail Embroidery Submission

In January, I created a list of 20 Goals to Accomplish in 2020. One of my items was to enter a piece into the 6×6 Exhibition. Today the global online purchasing begins. There are many submissions for this gallery fund-raiser. My piece is #1842.

It is a mixed media piece:

  • Homemade abaca paper (I made during a class years ago in college)
  • Felt
  • Embroidery thread
  • Beads

Snail Close

back of snail 6x6

Normally the gallery has in-person viewing and online. This year because of COVID-19, the show is entirely online. If you wish to purchase my piece (all submissions are priced at $20), go here and enter 1842 in the artwork search number. Each of the submissions are amazing in their own way. Take a look! Thanks!

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