Walk Brighton Project Week 2

Dream House

Walk Brighton Project

Welcome to Week 2 of my Walk Brighton Project. It is bringing a lot of excitement into my life of working from home and social distancing. I am always looking forward to walking new segments of my town and seeking out photos to take.

Architecture Class

I took A Crash Course in American Architectural History II – 20th Century from the Rochester Brainery. It was especially enjoyable to take this online class since I now spend a lot of time looking at examples of architecture in my town.


So far, I don’t see a lot of people during my walks around town but the few interactions I have (at a safe distance of course) are memorable. Maybe there are few people because it has been cold and I am a morning person and operate on a different schedule than most people. I have not yet told anyone I see around town what I am doing. I barely speak with the people I pass. I am currently taking a Coursera class, “The Science of Well-Being” by Yale Professor Laurie Santos. The class mentioned how interactions with people, even small conversations with strangers helps to make us happier. My in-person interactions are limited now so the simple “Hello” from a walking neighbor is a small thing that brightens my day.

Some memorable moments:

  • 1 year old blew kisses at me.
  • Woman speaking on the phone said to her friend, “It seems so funny to move out of the way when walking towards people. A woman just moved out of the way!” I was the woman that moved.
  • A woman said, “Hang in there.”
  • Man cutting a board with a circular said, “Hello.” It was so simple but it was memorable because of the tone and richness of his voice. He seemed very kind.
  • A woman looked at me strange when she saw me taking a photo of her house but we did not talk to other than saying, “Hello.”

Friday Afternoon 4-3-20 

  • Streets Walked
    • Elmwood Avenue
    • Commonwealth Road
    • Chelmsford Road
    • Fernboro Road
    • Ledgerock Lane
    • Ashbourne Road

Commonwealth 4-3-20


Brown House Yellow Door

Hearts in Window

Early Spring in the Rain

Saturday Morning 4-4-20

  • Streets Walked
    • Pittsford Trail System (Railroad Loop Trail)
    • Allens Creek Road
    • Clover Street (Route 65)
    • Towpath Lane
    • Clover Park Drive
    • Schoolhouse Lane

Toepath 4-4-20

Schoolhouse 4-4-20

Clover Park Drive

Statues Early Spring Garden


Shutter Dog Cutouts

Pittsford Rail Trail Allens Creek

Saturday Afternoon 4-4-20

  • Streets Walked
    • Elmwood Avenue
    • Commonwealth Road
    • Chemlsworth Road
    • Hillside Avenue
    • Highland Avenue
    • Winton Road
    • Beckwith Terrace
    • Cobbs Hill Drive
    • Pinnard Street
    • Bengal Terrace
    • Norris Drive
    • Nursery Street
    • Hartsen Street
    • Rosegrey Terrace
    • San Gabriel Drive

Cobbs Hill Drive 4-4-20

Rosegrey 4-4-20

Winton Road Brighton

Lenten Rose

Copper Detail Above Window

Stone Wall Driveway

Stone Steps

View of East Ave Wegmans

Red House

Red Car

prints in cement

San Gabriel Drive

Brick Stone Details

Stay Safe Brighton

I often see the above sign around town. My town supervisor is a tall man named Moehle.

Sunday Afternoon 4-5-20

  •  Streets Walked
    • Pittsford Trail System (Railroad Loop Trail)
    • Westfall Road
    • Tilstone Place
    • Fairhill Drive
    • Evans Lane
    • Idlewood Road
    • Poplar Way
    • Glenhill Drive
    • Southwood Lane
    • Edgewood Avenue
    • Carverdale Drive
    • Del Rio Drive

southwest radius 4-5-20

Blue Turret House


Yellow House American Flag

Daffodil Lawn

Walking Dog

Stone Entrance Hedge

Tuesday Afternoon 4-7-20

  • Streets Walked
    • Elmwood Avenue
    • Roby Drive
    • Veron Place
    • Avalon Drive
    • South Winton Road (County Route 98)

Roby Avalon 4-7-20

Brighton Fire House

Child Drawing with Chalk

Thank You Essential Workers

Brighton Street

tudor turret

Sun and Rainbow Chalk Art


Wednesday Afternoon 4-8-20

  • Streets Walked
    • Elmwood Avenue
    • Bonnie Brae Avenue
    • Newton Drive
    • Antlers Drive
    • Buckland Avenue
    • Hollywood Avenue
    • Greenwich Lane
    • Winton Road

Newton 4-8-20

Stone Turret

Brick House

Red Door

Brick House Heart Rainbow

Lamp in Window

Tudors Walking Dog

Stone House 3 Dormers

Blue Stone Turret

“Some old-fashioned things like fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat.” Laura Ingalls Wilder


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