Vegan Vegetable Trio

Vegan Vegetable Trio Lunch.jpg

A few weeks ago, my friend Deborah came over for lunch. When I told her my plan was to make a vegan stacked vegetable trio, she said she could make a vegan layered dessert. I love menu planning and took on the challenge of making a special plant-based trio. I used the same dishes that I originally purchased for my Christmas dessert trio.  Deborah and I ate a beautiful and delicious feast! It was a warm day for February and it was delightful to go for for a walk after the meal.

Tortilla Stack – Homemade tortilla chips (cut flour tortillas with a cookie cutter, brush both sides with a little olive oil and bake in a 350 degree oven for about 10 minutes or until lightly browned and crisp), layer tortilla chips with hummus, chopped avocado and chopped red pepper, fresh spinach leaves add color at the bottom of the stack.

Balsamic Roasted Zucchini and Eggplant – Cut zucchini and eggplant into 1/2 inch rounds, brush with a mixture of olive oil, balsamic vinegar and a minced garlic clove. Roast at 450°F (turning half way) until tender – about 25 minutes.

Baked Potato Slices with Pesto – I used this potato recipe without the salt-free seasoning blend. Before serving, I spread vegan pesto between the potato slices.

Tiered Chocolate Cupcake – Deborah used a fluted cookie cutter to cut a vegan applesauce chocolate cake. Then she spread an apricot coconut filling between the layers. The drizzle is a strawberry tangerine tofu sauce.

Vegan Vegetable Trio

Vegan Dessert

My critique of the meal: Of the trio, my favorite was the tortilla stack with the potatoes being a close second. I had considered making a white bean garlic puree to serve under the roasted zucchini and eggplant but decided not to do it at the last minute. It was delightful to eat Deborah’s beautiful and delicious dessert. I think it was a memorable meal.

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