Pelican Bento Lunch

pelican bento lunch.jpg

I made this Pelican themed lunch for my Mom. She was excited that I threaded the fishing line on the pole (I used a toothpick). Both of my parents remembered the family history surrounding my choice of theme. When I was 6, my parents, my sister, and I joined my Grandparents who had their motor home in the Florida Keys that winter. A few memorable things happened during that trip. My sister’s beloved boy doll, “Timothy Ketchup”, fell into the water. She screamed, my Grandma thought one of us fell in but it was Timothy. My Dad was able to save him. Timothy was memorable since he was anatomically correct and wet his diaper. The second memorable thing was a pelican somehow grabbed a fish that was still attached to our fishing pole. I remember it flying with the fishing pole dangling. It did not get far before it dropped it.

Container: U Konserve

Contents: Pelican – cheese mashed potatoes shaped by hand, Beak & Feet – marbled cheese, Eye – dried blueberry, Fish – cucumber (cut with cookie cutter), Fishing Pole – carrot, Fishing line – spaghetti, blueberries

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