Top 10 Bento 2017

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It is that time again when I love to share my favorite bento lunches from the year. It was a wonderful year for me and I am looking forward to what 2018 will hold.

Toki Mashed Potatoes


The inspiration and this meal were one of my most memorable of the year. I was inspired by a day trip to Sado Island in Japan. Making the meal was memorable because my Dad ate my radish and I needed to make another trip to the grocery store before completing this meal.

George Washington Rice


I was pleased to use my George Washington shaped cookie cutter to make an easy and satisfying cheesy rice lunch.

Camel Mashed Potatoes

Camel Mashed Potato Lunch

This year I made a lot of ordinary lunches that I did not photograph (I know, unbelievable) but I did make this for my new companion this year.

Falling Leaves Quesadilla


For some reason, this year I made less quesadillas but I was pleased with this simple food coloring painting on a cheese quesadilla.

Alien Pasta


As usual, I used my extensive cookie cutter collection to make a simple but cute lunch.

Elephant Salad

Elephant Salad Lunch

Towards the end of 2017, I felt that I was lacking inspiration so offered to make lunch for a coworker. I am very pleased with how this turned out.

Dog Bread

dog bread lunch

I made this cute dog shaped roll for my nephew. It is always special for me when I am able to make food for loved ones.

Bunny Rice

Easter Bunny rice lunch

I made this lunch for my niece around Easter. The chocolate peanut butter egg was delicious!

Polar Bear Mashed Potato


I am not sure how I came up with putting a scarf on a polar bear but the red pepper scarf makes this meal special.

Shamrock Potato Salad

Saint Patricks Day Potato Salad for lunch

I enjoy making themed vegetable and potato salads and I think that this one is my most attractive so far.

Happy New Year! May your 2018 include delicious and attractive food.

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