Flower Pot Bread with Vegetable Flowers

Flower Pot Bread with Vegetable Flowers

My nephew and I made these flower pot breads with vegetable flowers and ate them as part of our dinner. I used this bread recipe. The flowers are bell pepper and carrots cut with flower cookie cutters. The flowers are held together with raw spaghetti and put on wooden skewers. Last year we used the same pots to make cupcakes.

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6 Responses to Flower Pot Bread with Vegetable Flowers

  1. Mary Lee Page says:

    So cute! The flowers are so pretty. Did you have to block the hole in the bottom of the flower pots?

  2. eclecticlamb says:

    Thank you! They were pots made special for baking and did not have a hole in the bottom.

  3. Mary Lee Page says:

    Oh! We have a no bake Russian Cheesecake recipe that you make in a flower pot. We line the pot with cheesecloth first so it doesn’t go out the bottom! Where did you find the little pots?

  4. eclecticlamb says:

    My Grandmother gave them to me as a gift over 20 years ago!

  5. Rebecca says:

    Very cute idea!

  6. eclecticlamb says:

    Thank you so much!

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