Dinosaur Birthday Lunch

Dinosaur birthday lunch

I made this lunch for a good friend to take to work for her birthday. I gave her a few choices of themes based on her interests. She said dinosaur or birthday. When I asked my Mom for ideas to make it more special, she suggested balloons. So this is a combined dinosaur and birthday themed lunch. I put the side dishes in silicone cups so she can remove them before heating in her microwave at work.

Container: EasyLunchBoxes

Left Side: Dinosaur – Cheddar mashed potatoes chilled and shaped with a cookie cutter, Eye – cookie decorating sprinkle, cooked broccoli, Balloons – grape tomatoes with balloon string food picks

Top Right: Blackberries and raspberries with a Happy Birthday pick (these are not the same but are similar)

Bottom Right: Dinosaur – Cheddar cheese cut with a mini dinosaur cookie cutter, spinach leaves

Not in Photo: Chocolate Greek yogurt, small bag of mini pretzels

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