Crepes for Lunch

crepe lunch niece

My 17 year old niece requested crepes for lunch. I have made savory crepes many times before but not for my niece or nephews and I had never sent them to school for lunch. I was a little worried but I am told that it worked out well and they enjoyed them.

Container: EasyLunchBoxes

Left Side: Homemade crepes with Cheddar mashed potatoes (mash potatoes with butter, milk, Cheddar cheese, salt, and pepper)

Top Right: Broccoli

Bottom Right: Homemade crepes with cream cheese, blueberries, and honey (I packed two of these with printed wax paper in-between)

Crepe lunch nephew

I made this lunch on the same day for my 14 year old nephew. I thought that it was slightly more attractive so I am including it here. It is identical except for the vegetables.

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2 Responses to Crepes for Lunch

  1. Mary Lee Page says:

    They look and sound delicious!!! What a fun way to celebrate the end of school!

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