Panda Bread Lunch

Panda Bread Lunch

I made this Panda shaped Nutella bread lunch for my 13 year old niece. I don’t see her very often and she loves Nutella so I baked some inside this bread just for her.

Container: EasyLunchBoxes

Left Side: Homemade bread with Nutella baked inside, Nutella ears and eyes, food marker nose and mouth

Top Right: Cherry tomatoes with Panda picks

Bottom Right: Panda apple with blueberry ears (stuck on with spaghetti), cinnamon eyes

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2 Responses to Panda Bread Lunch

  1. bentodays says:

    Very cute! I made panda bread buns couple of weeks ago and also served with Nutella, haven’t blogged it though, so far only posted on Instagram. Yours looks adorable!

  2. Silas says:

    I like the panda picks

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