Gardening Trivia Game

Gardening Trivia game

I created this Garden Themed Trivia game similar to my Tea Party Trivia Game. You can  print (cut and glue or tape) these and use them at a party. There are 59 cards in this set. The photo on the cards are my bleeding hearts from last year.

Gardening Trivia Game Cards

I made this game for my garden club to use at our tea party this year. We had a group of 23 play this game. There was a lot of laughter during the game. I created some trivia cards with Bible plant questions because I thought it would fit my audience but in fact only 2 players were biblical scholars. Of course you can omit those cards if it does not fit your audience.

Garden Trivia cards questions

I used these rules/instructions before playing the game:

“This game is part luck, part knowledge. For questions that have more than 2 answer choices, the next player has a chance to answer. I will give out tea bags for every correct answer (to keep track of your number of correct answers) prizes will be awarded for the most correct answers.”

Gardening Trivia Game Cards

Disclaimer: I do not guarantee the accuracy of the trivia. I did not paraphrase every card. I included a link to the website where I found the information and/or the question. If there is not a link the trivia was created from my own knowledge.

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  1. Mary Lee says:

    A great idea for your gardening tea party. I went through many of the trivia questions – many were very difficult!!! Your photo is beautiful – all in all a great job!

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