Yahtzee Bento

Yahtzee Bento

Once again I was inspired by the weekly theme at the Bento Blog Network. The theme this week is games. I always enjoyed playing Yahtzee so it was a natural choice for this meal. Also, this week I had an enjoyable time playing Yahtzee with my Aunt.

I did not have the best method for making the dice. I used a plastic baby food container (rectangular shape) to pack the rice. Then I cut the rice block in half. It would have been easier if I had this rice mold. I used a hole punch on spinach leaves to make the dots.

Container: Blue Box from Japan

Top Tier: Dice (Nishiki rice with spinach dots), spinach

Bottom Tier: Raspberries, pecans, cherry tomatoes

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2 Responses to Yahtzee Bento

  1. mtetar says:

    Creative, cute, and healthy. For those little ones who enjoys talking while eating will sure be counting. Eating, learning about foods, math skills, colors, etc. Blessings, Mtetar

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